Who won the election. Who won the US election 2020?

Pickney and John Jay in the House of Representatives Vice President Jefferson, who was counting the votes in his role as President of the Senate, immediately counted the votes from Georgia as votes for Jefferson and Burr, and no objections were raised
Prashant Kishor had posted a big "save-this-tweet" dare to the BJP on December 21 New York, NY: Oxford University Press

Who won the US election 2020?

We then draw up plans for on Independent Scotland with draft proosals for currency, setting up banks and all the other machinery we need, eg our own versions of DVLA, DWP etc and the bits of the Civil Service we do not have already and how we should manage Defence and Foreign Affairs, plus perhaps a draft Consitution, Then we put these plans to the people in a referendum where they know what they are voting for.

Arizona election audit will show Trump won, majority of Republicans believe, poll shows
Although the turned over majority control of the House of Representatives to the Democratic-Republicans by 68 seats to 38, the presidential election had to be decided by the outgoing House that had been elected in the at that time, the new presidential and congressional terms all started on March 4 of the year after a national election
Who Won the Election?
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Who won the US election 2020?
The triumphant Labour leader pledged to build a "better and brighter future" for London following the coronavirus pandemic
May 2021 Sturgeon: We want a referendum sometime because of Holyrood vote The Center for Legislative Archives
Kerala does not accept communalism, divisiveness," said Mr Vijayan The remaining state, Maryland, had five Federalist representatives to three Democratic-Republicans; one of its Federalist representatives voted for Jefferson, forcing that state delegation also to cast a blank ballot

Most Arizona Republicans say election audit will show Trump won: poll

We will never get to 60% in the polls until there is a referendum so we are between a rock and a hard place.

London mayor election 2021 results: Who won?
From February 11 to 17, the House cast a total of 35 ballots; each time eight state delegations voted for Jefferson, one short of the necessary majority of nine
London mayor election 2021 results: Who won?
The Democratic-Republicans nominated a ticket consisting of Vice President of and former Senator of
1800 United States presidential election
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