Prometric reschedule. Prometric CPA: How to Schedule (and Reschedule) Your Exam Online

I believe you get the instruction together with the NTS You may schedule the appointment for one or more at a time
For issues requiring further action, email within five business days after the scheduled examination appointment Examinations may only be rescheduled within the same testing window

Schedule a Time to Take the Examination

From CPA application to the actual exam, the process is complicated and stressful.

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Always ensure that you leave enough time between two exam sections to complete the necessary check-in process
Prometric CPA
If you do not withdraw from the exam, you will forfeit your full registration fee
United States Medical Licensing Examination
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment due to an emergency please contact the Department of Testing Services by emailing or calling 800
Take each examination section within the NTS validity period as per your state board There is no real best day of the week to schedule your exam
If waited for too long, you run the risk of Prometric center being full While scheduling more than one exam section in a day, beware of overlapping appointment times

Prometric CPA Exam

Once the exam is launched, remain in your seat until authorized to leave the testing room.

Prometric CPA
Find the Best Prometric Testing Center Location Where is the best Prometric testing center location to schedule your CPA exam? Latest Accounting Jobs--Apply Now: In a move wholly uncharacteristic of the accounting profession, the benevolent overlords of the CPA exam are thinking ahead
Take DAT at Prometric Test Center
Be sure to click Commit Registration to finalize your scheduling request
Prometric CPA Exam
Select the preferred date and time
This way, you can ensure impressive and stress-free performance Prometric is also responsible for the CMA exam as well as many other exams for different professions like medical and law licensure exams
Enter the exam section ID and 4 letters of your last name

Prometric CPA

You should arrive with correct NTS and personal ID at the test center 30-minutes before the scheduled exam time, or else you will forfeit the appointment and exam fees.

Steps to Scheduling Your CPA Exam with Prometric• Confirm your already scheduled appointment
Prometric CPA: How to Schedule (and Reschedule) Your Exam Online
Schedule a Time to Take the Examination Advanced Scheduling Schedule your examination appointment 60 to 90 days before your desired exam date
Rescheduling, Withdrawing, and No
First four letters of your last name• You will be required to provide a fingerprint via the biometric fingerprint-capturing system before and after breaks