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Read more about how we Acts as a platform for tendentious anti-Israel statements, based on the Palestinian narrative of victimization and sole Israeli aggression, while also

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Hussein arrived in the city afterward to meet with army units and local tribal leaders in order to placate the city
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In 951 the Persian geographer described it as "a small town on the border of the desert Ma'an has now 75000 with 5 large tribes Kreshan, Shamiah, Bazaia, Hararah, Fanatsah
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[ ] In an interview with media scholar Matt Sienkiewicz, former Ma'an Wisam Kutom stated that he told potential Ma'an funders that: "Palestinian television is factional television right now we [Palestinians] cannot tell the stories we want to, only the stories the factions will let us.

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Consequently, the Byzantine emperor ordered his imprisonment and subsequent execution by crucifixion