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Can I do a nuzlocke run in this game The game is not made with nuzlocke in mind If you do, you'll erase the battlers folder and crash at your very first battle since it can't properly render mons
If this is your first time playing the game, it is recommended to start with Classic mode

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[Completed] Pokémon Infinite Fusion: Create your own fusions! (175,000+ fusions)
Your savefile will be compatible with the new version, but the game will have to convert your Pokémon if you started playing in an earlier version you will be prompted to do so when you launch the game
Pokemon Fusion Generation Game Maker
As with every new release, it is likely that there are still some bugs
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Lickitung is another great choice to slap onto the bodies of other Pokémon, but adding it to makes him look even goofier than he already was
It even has a sequel named Fusion Generation II, unlike the prequel, it features a parody of the Pokemon series featuring more than 400 Pokemon Fusions It's hard not to chuckle at first when you see the strange, uncanny clashing between Porygon's head and Rapidash's body
The city was , but not much is known about it Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it

Pokemon Fusion Generation Game Maker

This is done through an item called DNA Splicers that can be purchased in any Pokémart from the very beginning of the game.

Epic Pokemon Fusions That Are Too Weird For Words
In earlier versions, it was determined by levels
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Like it's speed should be 51-58
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I'll look into the Pokedex glitch too, but the Pokedex is to be completely remade eventually anyway