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Lastly, PS4 Second Screen allows you to use your mobile device as a second screen companion on certain PS4 titles Technical Title: PlayStation App 21
Although the complaints about it being slow or not conmecting should be looked into Stick around for the most straightforward tutorial ever! And finally, plug in your PS4 controller DualShock 4 into your PC and start streaming the games

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As an added bonus, both My Xbox Live and its predecessor, Xbox Smartglass, have a fun feature where players can record screen captures and game clips to be viewed and shared whenever they wish.

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You can also use voice chat and have party groups with up to fifteen of your gaming buddies
PlayStation App 21.9.0 for Android
It can also turn your phone into an on-screen keyboard for easy typing
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Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, wherever you go with PlayStation App
With the PlayStation app installed, you can grab it immediately It is very easy to install the emulator once you're prepared to and just consumes couple of minutes or so
Leave touchscreen controls where they belong: on your phone Check out player profiles and trophy collections to see how your buddies are progressing in their favorite games


PlayStation App is an intriguing application for any PlayStation 5 owner, since it gives you access to a good amount of interesting features.

How To Play PlayStation Games on Your PC
Create high-quality recordings of your BlueStacks sessions with the Record Screen feature
‎PS4 Second Screen on the App Store
I love the brand new UI, a completely renovated look, easy accessible to what I need and where I need it except, I feel like you guys missed out HUGELY on the Capture Gallery
How To Play PlayStation Games on Your PC
This feature allows you to control your PS console, be it a PS4 or PS5 via PC
Then you can start syncing the content with your PS4 back home, and it'll be ready to go as soon as you walk in the door This app can be downloaded for free
Most important factor is, to get an effective Android emulator Since they have gone and made into its own thing it should be working perfectly or at the least as well as it would on the main app


Account for PlayStation Network required to use this app.

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After incorporating this emulator in your system, you can emulate the complete PlayStation app for your PC in the most optimal way possible
How To Play PlayStation Games on Your PC
The software can also be called "PlayStationNow"
‎PlayStation App on the App Store
Is there a better alternative? I thought that was a great way to see what your friends are up to