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This free yes, FREE application lets you convert area, angles, currency, data, density, energy, force, length, mass, mileage, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, volume flow and more The Calculator tool has an interesting angled 3D perspective and a realistic rendition
The app supports the multi window mode on compatible devices , the clipboard and many other features Volume: - units are millilitre, centilitre, decilitre, litre, hectolitre, cubic metre, U

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of substance, angle, area, computer and concentration
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I've tried other conversion apps like this and the others never felt as easy to use and intuitive as this app
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5 - Added Torque conversions - Added a favorites list tap and hold on a tile - App now uses a new currency exchange API - Added a new keyboard that allows you to see results as you type - Bug fixes Version 1
Download the most Intuitive, Powerful and Essential Conversion App you will ever own just scroll to find the one you need! - US, Imperial UK , and Metric conversions - On-the-fly conversions - Easy to use User Interface Version 1
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length, weight, temperature or currency.

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9 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen , 11, 10
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Has an additional category, formulas, which is nice but not sure when I'd use it
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Unit Converter allows you to convert units fast and easy
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Teachers can use it daily to illustrate and illuminate mathematical ideas Unit Converter Pro is a handy utility for students, teachers, and practitioners in engineering, physics, sciences, and technical subjects

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Custom Conversions - You can even create your own unit conversions for anything you want, quickly and easily.

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Classroom-tested activities are accompanied by presentation sketches and detailed teacher notes, which provide suggestions for use by teachers as a demonstration tool or for use by students in a computer lab or on laptops
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1 is a powerful application that allows you to convert different units of measurement from one into another
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